Quit Smoking Cigarettes by throwing them all away

Keep no cigarette packs in your sight.  Make sure all ash trays, lighters, cigarette packs, or any items related to smoking must be disposed of so there’s no sudden reminder that you can easily go back to smoking.  There’s a guilt situation removed from getting these smoking items out of the way.

Do you know what you can do instead of smoking a cigarette?

You can drink coffee or drink a tall glass of water.  Coffee is more organic and natural than a processed habit.  Water is a great alternative.  Doing some walking around is a good idea too.

People knew that e-cigarettes did not help stop smoking. In fact, it encouraged.

Smoking using e-cigarettes was a misguiding situation for smokers who were benefitting by taking heavier dosages of nicotine.  Since the concentrated mount of nicotine was being inhaled, it was giving more than a buzz, but more of a feeling that gave the smoker a better sensation than the cigarette itself, but took advantage of the weakness of the user, who thought that since it was no carbon involved, it was healthier.  The nicotine in the e-cigarette is a chemical, concentrated to deliver the effects much more than a cigarette.


Breath bettwr, Smell Better and don’t feel like lungs are weird.


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